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Action Directe was created in 2018 based on an idea developed by three climbers with 10 years of experience in mountain-related sports.

Outdoor tech shoes repair and more..

Action Directe was created in 2018 based on an idea developed by three climbers with 10 years of experience on mountain-related sports, deciding to open the first laboratory specialized in resole and repairing footwear in Turin.

After a first period of break-in served to take confidence and to acquire the dexterity necessary in this type of trade, in February 2020, our company took shape. It settled at the Docks Dora in Turin, in a liquor factory from the ‘60s. The space renovation, made utilizing second hand materials, gave birth to our cobbler’s lab.

The desire is not simply to revive worn shoes, but to convey our philosophy.

The company has a specific mission: to provide an online high-quality service of shoe repairing, dedicated to the people that love mountain and outdoors sports, providing specific counseling and fast return times.

Service quality is guaranteed by a continuous update on procedures of repair and regeneration of the footwear. Action Directe is the official resoling company of VIBRAM, SCARPA and LA SPORTIVA, and constantly takes all the training classes by these brands.

The continued training allows us to refine the craftsmanship, nimbly spacing on the different footwear models. Not only climbing or hiking shoes, but also city shoes, customized with technical and high-performance soles. Thanks to this spirit of innovation and resourcefulness, Action Directe S.C. quickly became a reference point for the top sportive climbing gyms around Turin: B-side Climbing School, Boulderbar, Escape Climbing Garden, La Mole Sport Academy, and Sasp Torino.


Recicling and reuse

Don’t throw away what you can recover!

Repair, recover and reuse are the tenets behind our work They were central in the various phases that led to the Action Diecte birth. From the research for the work space in which concretize the project to the regeneration of the machinery used in production that were recovered and refurbished.

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